Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sharing is Caring

A friend of mine shared these with me and so I thought I'd keep the chain going and share them with you! Plus it follows on nicely from yesterday's blog. Great news.

I can't believe how many dogs have their own websites. Their owners must be incredibly bored, I mean, that box didn't get there by itself. Check out more from Gordy here.

This is a lovely little website called dear photograph, it makes for great whimsical procrastination if you need something lovely to gaze at. Some of the photos are beautifully put together, and some just have lovely little captions. Either way, definitely worth a gander. 

And here is possibly the happiest song I have ever heard. I think this will be playing in my head all day every day for the next few weeks, it's just SO HAPPY!


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