Sunday, 11 March 2012

A little late, A little Sunday waster

Yesterday was the first day in - I don't even like to think how long - that I haven't been on the internet, so this post is a little late. And with the weather so lovely outside I'm going to give you a few pretty things to look at on your lemon squash break from the premature summer,

I love the use of old wooden crates as bike baskets, its less twee then the traditional wicker basket but just as lovely!

It took me a while to get this, to be honest I thought it was just slightly rude looking, but if you look at it the right way these mountains are made out of pencil nibs. Nice

I could only dream of being this neat and tidy in my home, let alone with my breakfast. Slightly OCD? Maybe. But still so pretty.

I don't know why I like this, but I do. It's quite sweet, though the longer I look at it, it turns slightly creepy. I'm going to look away now.

Happy Sunday!


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