Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I'll just read a book instead

With the hope of Spring gone again I find myself curled up in bed once more with a good book. My "good book" of choice at the moment is Paulo Coelho's 'The Devil and Miss Prym', it's a great book that focuses around the struggles and relationship between good and evil. It's fab. You should read it. I wrote a short story myself a year or so ago on good and evil, give it a gander if you don't feel like braving the rain to grab yourself a book from Waterstones.

I'm a big fan of novels that are magical realism and have a storyteller-esque feel to the narrative, as Paolo Coelho's writing certainly does. That's why I was SO excited that 500 fairytales have just been discovered in Germany. Read 'The Turnip Princess' here.

On another book related note - how cool is this alternative book cover?

I found it here.

I've noticed in Waterstones they've been doing special editions of classics with more graphically beautiful covers, for the "stylish reader" apparently. My outward reaction is, oh how superficial! But secretly I love them. I know you shouldn't read a book by it's cover, but a pretty one really doesn't hurt now does it?


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