Saturday, 3 March 2012

Music as Music Should be

Last night I was whisked away to a small village in the heart of Norfolk called Filby, knowing nothing of what to expect but a "folky singer and a log fire". Well it was one of those nights where you wake up and wonder whether it actually happened. Bumping into one of the singers that night after trying and failing to find the location to this mystery gig we went along to the pub for a drink and then about an hour later finally made it to the manor house where the music was to be made.

The oddest collection of people were there, from fashionistas to chefs from rome, drop out med students originating from australia who have set up their own split-cell business and an extremely excitable pug! They were the most eclectic bunch of people I have ever graced, each one a character with a story to tell. Every room in the place was complete with a chandelier and a log fire and there was an interval for lasagne (of course).

But the most outstanding thing about the night was the music. The first act was Roo Panes...

Followed by Josh Flowers and The Wild who had everyone stamping their feet and begging for more.

It was an absolutely beautiful night of music, the venue was perfect: intimate and with buckets of character. There was a real sense of community amongst the spectators too, bound together as we were all in this unique experience together. It was just how music should be listened to.

It's odd but I always forget how much music means to me until I experience something like that night. But moments like it make me feel on top of the world, like the feeling you get when you're young and you jump off a swing.

Do your ears a favour and check out Roo Panes and Josh Flowers, they'll thank you for it. Trust.


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