Monday, 12 March 2012

Just a little something...

Here's a little story I drafted up quickly, enjoy x

If Fate Was Always Late

The girl wandered around the lake. Her walk was rapidly becoming aimless. Her coffee was cold. Her fingertips scrambled to feel over the text once more.
“See you at the platform - the one by the lake - at three.”
  1. It was now half three.
  2. She had been there since 2:45.
  3. There were exactly 8 wooden platforms that jettied out into the lake.
  4. There were exactly 8 because she had counted.
  5. Yes, she had checked.
  6. And no, they didn’t have a regular one.
The Winter light glimpsed through the branches over her, enough to look beautiful, but not enough to be warm. She scuffed her boot and looked down to the floor.
A noise ahead made her lift her head. It was him. Not the him she had been looking for, but the him she knew well. She laughed inwardly. The sound was cynical as it reverberated around her rib cage.
“Sorry I’m late aren’t I?”
“Didn’t you get the watch I sent you last Christmas?”
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Sorry. I’ll put it on next time.”

She smiled to no one other than herself. He just had to be hers didn’t he? Her Fate. It was difficult to not compare him to the Fates of her friends, especially when theirs always seemed to be so punctual whilst he could never be on time. 
She looked at him and shrugged, “It’s ok. You’ll be on time one day.” 
“Here’s hoping!” He crossed his fingers and smiled goofily. Her soul stifled Hope, no good would come from calling him up too.

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