Thursday, 23 February 2012

This evening I went to a charity cabaret show and now my head is crammed full with show tunes and once again I find myself wishing life was more like a musical. It's always been a dream of mine that I'll be walking down the street and then all of a sudden everyone starts a perfectly choreographed dance and sings a song that just happens to narrate my life. Of course I realise this will never happen, it would cause all kind of havoc and delays and I wouldn't like to think I would be the reason for anyone's day being disrupted.

But for now, I'll just have to make do with movies such as Mary Poppins, Footloose and Moulin Rouge until life can be just like the movies.

In other news, an INCREDIBLE band called Opaque Nature released their shiny new album today. They're pretty fantastic. Give 'em a listen and buy their album here.

Look how arty and pretty their album cover is. If you can judge an album by its cover, as everyone knows you definitely can, then their album is going to be a real scrummy treat for your ears.

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