Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Forty Little Days and Forty Little Nights


For Lent you're supposed to give up something. But my Lent cup is half full not half empty, so I'm doing something rather than not doing something. I've set myself a challenge to keep a blog for every day of lent. Something that I've been putting off doing.

I know lent isn't a time to indulge, but sometimes it's just nice to. For example, last night, due to stacks of uni work, I didn't get round to flipping my pancakes til midnight. By this time I was tired and wanted to go to bed but by putting in a little effort I went to sleep full and smug after having a midnight feast:

Everything tastes so much better at midnight.

Here's a few more things that I find put a smile on the face:


p.s. strawberries and golden syrup are the best pancake filler. Sounds weird but trust me, and this is coming from a traditional sugar and lemon girl.

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