Monday, 27 February 2012

The Inconvenient Happenings at a Not So Convenient Store

“Mate, don’t you need to go to the shop?” He asked. His eyes didn’t leave the screen.
“Yeah... I’ll go in a bit.” He answered. His eyes didn’t leave the screen.
“Isn’t about to close?”
“What time is it?” There was no response as both out waited the other, each reluctant to let their eyes leave the screen to see the clock. He gave in first, he had been the one who’d been asked after all. His eyes flicked to the clock and back to the game so fast that he put lightening to shame.
“Five to.”
He still didn’t move.
“Just one more game then I’ll go.”
“Good call. To be fair, at the end of the day, its not the end of the world if you don’t make it. Oh sure, bit long, but we’ve all had a good night, couple of cans, couple of games, just a couple of faces, who could ask for more?”
“Not me mate. Not me.”
They twittered on like that for a while longer, talking words of no meaning at the screen, until the last match was won.
“Alright mate, back in a bit.”
He finally got to his feet and braced the cold night air as he made the trek to the corner store.
“Hey-what the-”
The door stayed firm. It wouldn’t budge. It felt like being stubborn.
He heard a tinkling noise coming from inside and then the door opened. She looked up from rummaging in her purse and saw him.
“Oh sorry, we’re closed.”
“Nah, but it’s five to.”
“It’s five past.”
“Can’t I just get a beer? Go on!”
“Look I’ve had a long day-”
“We’ve all had a long day, we all need a beer, I’ll buy!”
“I don’t drink beer.”
“Fine, wine?”
“Look, thanks but we’re closed and I want to go home.”
She turned her back on him and locked the door.
“Some convenience store you are.”
She smiled to herself, this had happened so many times.
“This isn’t a convenience store. Read the god damn sign.”
He looked up and sure enough where he thought it just said ‘Convenience Store’ there was more; in a slightly smaller font, sure, but it was still there.
He turned but she had gone. He saw her lit in the dark by the lamp light already half way down the road. “Sorry!” He yelled after her. She paused but didn’t turn.
“Yeah, I know.” She knew it would happen again; it always did. But the anger and annoyance she could’ve felt was displaced, misplaced elsewhere, for she knew that it was in our nature to not always be right. 
Anyway, some people just aren’t any good at reading signs.


Just a little story for your consumption. And here's a few things for your eyes:

balloon people.

 Beautiful birds photographed by ALex Kozobolis. check out his blog here.

And best behaviour.


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